The Citadel at Nimrud/Kalhu
Assyria (Iraq)

The Big Plan

The digital reconstruction and virtual reality model of the Northwest Palace at Nimrud are well on their way to becoming the basis for a complete digital publication of the all the remains from this building complex. The larger plan for this project includes expansion to include other decorated spaces in the Palace and exploration of the relationship of the Northwest Palace to other buildings on the Nimrud citadel, such as:

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Screen grab from the virtual reality re-creation of the palace showing the interactive tour guide, who is programmed to lead virtual visitors around the complex on demand; © 2011 Learning Sites, Inc.

  • the Northern Temples and Ziggurat
  • the citadel wall
  • the unpublished area in the vicinity of the remains of the Central Palace.

As part of Learning Sites’ continuing engagement with ancient Nimrud, there is a separate project underway to create a digital publication of the unpublished Polish excavations in the Central Palace area (results as completed are posted at

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