Actium, Greece

Visualizing the Monument

Under the guidance of William M. Murray, Dept. of History, University of South Florida (Tampa), the Institute is working with various types of evidence to create a 3D computer model of the site, beginning with the individual rams.

In order to model the rams as accurately as possible (since they no longer exist), we used three sets of evidence:

  • The recently discovered Athlit ram, from a ship generally similar to, but smaller than the warships of Antony and Cleopatra's fleet
  • The cuttings in the podium wall at Actium, which are large and deep and seem to represent the negative shape of the rams; each so-called "socket" different in size and shape, reflecting the dimensions of the actual rams at the point of contact with the wall
  • Pictorial evidence showing either the Battle of Actium itself or rams from similar ships

The current project has progressed based on archaeological data graciously provided by Konstantinos L. Zachos, PhD, director of the Nikopolis excavations.

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